On Saturday 8th February 2014 a deputation from Lvdge of Dunfermling  witnessed and assisted in a special Founder Lodges meeting at Lodge 598 , St.  John, Tulliallan. This meeting was set up to bring together the lodges  that had helped Tulliallan obtain their charter all those years ago.  These lodges were Lvdge of Dunfermling; 26, Alloa; 69 and St Mungos; 27.
The degree work for the evening was a Master Mason degree, with a Lewis  candidate. This candidate’s father is Senior Deacon and grandfather is a  Past Master in Tulliallan.
Brothers Gordon Sutherland and George Falconer assisted in delivering the lectures. The degree work was delivered in an impressively coherent  and seamless manner, a feat in itself given the differences in how the  participating lodges work.
The visitors to the lodge, well in excess of 100, all agreed it was a delight to witness.
After the formalities came a sumptuous 3 course meal, the presentation  of a specially minted token and a gavel containing the mark tokens  from each lodge. This was followed by a fine harmony of singing, story  telling and jokes.
The night was rounded off with the donation to Lvdge of Dunfermling’s  current charity appeal, a chair for Colette, of 640 which had been  raised by the various lodges and visitors.
A great night was had by all, and everyone agreed to make this event a more regular feature.

Founder - Lodge Tulliallan
Founder - 3 lodge token

This pictures and text on this page were submitted by Brother Calum Gibson


Lodge St John Tulliallan