St. Margaret’s Hope of Inverkeithing & Rosyth
Royal Arch Chapter No 418
4th Tuesday
August through November and January through April
at 7:15 pm

Towerhill Preceptory No. 10
3rd Tuesday
January Through April and September through December
at 7:15 pm

Kingdom of Fife Tabernacle No.220
4th Saturday of February at 11:00 am
1st Saturday of September at 11:00 am
3rd Saturday of November at 11:00 am

Union Lodge & Council No. 295
3rd Wednesday
January, March, September and November
at 7:15 pm

Lodge Hope of Kurrachee No. 337
3rd Friday
February, April, September and November
at 7:15 pm

Stamp Fair
20th March, 12th June, 18th September and 28th December
from 09:00 ‘til 16:00